Are you a Procrastibaker? If so what do you like to bake?

Hello Bakers,

Have you ever procrastibaked? Ever pushed chores, to do lists, laundry and maybe even called in sick to stay home and bake? This is a growing trend and I would love to know if my bakers are procrastibaking and if so - do you use your time to bake simply or showstoppers? Let me know in the comments below or shoot me an email at Thanks in advance.

Why am I asking? Thinking about the subject for a new baking book.

Full disclosure: When I procrastibake (if I have enough time) I like to make beautiful tarts. I can really get lost in composing a fruit tart or piping meringue - I bet you all get lost in your baking too.

In the 90 second video clip I explain "procrastibaking" and give some tips about how to successfully procrastibake? 

Happy Baking! Colette