Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Gluten Free Complete

Well as soon as I had locked in the butter I knew that I had to take a different approach with this dough.
Instead of rolling it out with the pin - I patted the dough into a rectangle shape about 5x10 and folded it very carefully.
Without gluten the dough has no resiliency - but I kept going and I managed to get in the three turns.
I wrapped it up and put am putting it into the freezer for a few days. I have a solid schedule of teaching until Friday.
I am having doubts about creating the classic croissant with this dough - but I won't give up.
They may not look as pretty but we will get something delicious out of this experiment.
Happy Baking!

Gluten Free Croissants

Recently I have begun to wonder if croissants could be made gluten-free.
That would make so many gluten compromised people so happy.  So I headed off to Whole Foods to buy their gluten free multi purpose flour. This gluten free multi purpose flour has been getting rave reviews everywhere.
Well - two Whole Foods later - they were out of it - I found it in Pasadena at Gelson's.
The multi-purpose flour mix is about $7 a box so I decided to test a half recipe of my usual croissant recipe.

The butter block cut in half measures 5"x5" and has to be the cutest little butter block on the planet.
The dough came together well - but it does have a different feel. Remember that gluten free flour is not going to contain those two proteins glutenin and gliadin - so that bouncy feeling is not going to be in this dough.
Glutenin and gliadin are only present in the wheat grain - this is why gluten free baking - especially for doughs with yeast - are something of a challenge.
The dough is resting and the butter block is chilling. Since there is no gluten to relax, the dough doesn't need to rest very long but the butter must be the proper temperature.
Here is a photo of the two.
Next, I will lock in my butter and attempt the first turn.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

New Classic Croissants Baking Class!

Hi everyone! I have a new class on Craftsy called "Classic Croissants at Home". In the demo... you will learn ...

What you'll be making:

- Classic French croissants in two different shapes
- Pain au chocolate, a dessert croissant made with chocolate
- Savory croissants with ham and cheese or spinach and feta filling 


If you are interested in the "Classic Croissants at Home" Craftsy class please click here! Feel free to copy and paste this URL into your browser if the link does not work: 

Please feel free to email me your questions at any time. I currently teach at The Art Institute, Hollywood during the weekdays and will do my best to reply as soon as I can! Keep checking back on my blog for updates and F.A.Q.s related to my Craftsy class. Thank you so much and Happy baking!